Friday, March 14, 2014


Checking out the chickens

The best shot I could get without a wide angle lens since my baby had a death-grip on my hand in fear of all the animals.  She finally found a friend in a baby goat that was worth letting go of one hand.


  1. Loving those cowgirl boots AND her hair! You are does she sit still for you?? Also, love the angle of the second shot, particularly for those awesome lashes! ;)

    1. Thanks Chelsea! She's getting much better at sitting still for me. She's really into fashion now (in her own way ;-) ) and wants her hair to fit her style of the day (this was braids like Anna from Frozen).

  2. I love the second shot. Love that she and the goat are in focus but that you can see she's still holding on to mama, too! And how cute are the braids in both shots...Boy mom here. :)

  3. Your hand in the second photo is sweet :) also I like the chicken wire in the first one. It gives the photo some texture.